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Timo Tolonen


Little World

In unfertile places like rocks, it is usual, that stunted pines and puddles form some kind of miniature version of normal landscape with  trees, lakes and rivers. The artist Timo Tolonen has been interested in these miniature landscapes since childhood. The other things he is interested in in nature are caves and holes, water surface and bottoms. Instead of big heroic scenes from the top of the mountain,  he prefers little details. Things you don`t need to travel far away to see.

The techniques used for this exhibition are oil painting and soft pastel. Some of the artworks are made in site within few ours. The others have taken days in the studio.The locations are all around Finland, places like Ahvenanmaa, Viiala, Iisalmi, Kajaani, Punkaharju, Nokia and so on.

In this exhibition they are seen as parts of the same big scenery.

Timo Tolonen is better known for his urban landscapes, but the motives of nature has also followed him many years. Anyway, this is his first exhibition focus only on motives of nature. Timo Tolonen is a finnish painter and a graphic artist. He lives in countryside in Iisalmi, at an old railway station.

The exihibition is open:
12.10.–24.11. Monday–Friday 9–16
25.11.–27.11. Monday–Sunday klo 9–17
Yllästunturin luontokeskus Kellokas
Tunturintie 54, 95970 Äkäslompolo (Kolari)
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Timo Tolonen
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