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Villa Korva

The Artists Residency Villa Korva is in Sammalvaara in Kolari, West-Lapland. The house was built to be a village school in 1957. It has been used since as a school, home and a hostel. Now it is lived by the artist Essi Korva, who has her sculpting workshop there.

There are several former classrooms in the house and flats that were used as teacher accomodation. Both flats are furnished with a fully equiped kitchen and own toilet. Showers and sauna are shared and situated in the basement.

There is also a dog and a cat living in the house.

The flat 1: kitchen, toilet, entrance, bed room, living room, 100€/week

The flat 2: kitchen, entrance, living room, 2 bedrooms, 150€/week. If the artist can share the flat with another artist, the rent is 75€/week.

The artists can stay from one week to months.

The flat are also suitable for artists with family. Extra beds can be rented for 40€/week.

There are plenty of space for artistic work in the former class rooms of the house. The rooms suit well for sculpting and painting as well as for artists who work with large scale installations. The visitors can rent tools and machines for sculpting, and get guidance in using them.

There are no neigbours near the house, so street lights will not disturb you when viewing the Northern Lights. The house is situated next to a forest with great views next to the house. The closest shop is Siwa in Sieppijärvi, about 10 kilometres away. The closest wine shop and large grocery store is in Pello, 35km away. There is also one in Kolari, which is 45 kilometres away. The house is 60 kilometres to the closest skiing centre at Ylläs.

The Host

Sculptor Essi Korva (born 1985) graduated from the University of Applied Sciences Institute of Design and Fine Arts in 2010. Her Sculptures are often based on her subjective experiences of the world. They often deal with fear, childhood, loneliness and emptiness, for which the rugged beauty of Lapland offers an excellent setting. She works with variety of materials, wood, cement, plaster, hair, clay or whatever she might find useful. She has attended several environmental art happenings in Finland and abroad.  At the end the material itself is not too important, but the emotions she's trying to capture. Her sculptures are portraits of feelings. Home page

How to Arrive

The neares airport is in Rovaniemi and there are bus connections to Pello and Kolari from there. Ones own car is usefull in Villa Korva, but if needed the host will help with driving.

Villa Korva, Pellontie 353, 95900 Kolari

How to Apply

Send an email to Essi Korva (essi.korva@gmail.com).