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Lys-Ange LeBlanc


Studio Mustanapa
Kairatie 3, Rovaniemi, Finland

Tuesday-Thursday at 12-18
Friday at 11-17
Saturday at 12-16
Opening of the exhibition: Friday 25th of November at 18:00. 

"Rêves d'enfants"

"Dive in the water world and let your imagination swim around. Be a child and be free. This exhibition is dedicated to all people and especially kids. Being a new parent to my son has triggered childhood memories to submerge and I have decided to build an environment where kids dreams are possible. This show will surely put a smile on your face."  

Short Bio

"My name is Lys-Ange Leblanc and I am a French-Canadian multidisciplinary artist currently living in Rovaniemi, Finland. My main activities are painting, printmaking, sculpture and performance.  I am a second generation painter and printmaker. I am the son of Daniel Gautier and I grew up in a landscape of poetic depiction. I pursue the light, the horizon and the nature.  My paintings are archives of my memories with a touch of imagination and contemplation. 

To be an artist means to me a total devotion towards creativity in all aspects of my life. The art making is about humanity and humbleness. There is no good work or bad work because everybody attempts truth differently. I think my work is accessible to all audiences and is constantly evolving.

I have participated in numerous international events of sculpture and performance.  I also display my paintings and prints in various galleries locally and internationally."

Contact: lysange101(at)