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Antti Stöckell, Maria Huhmarniemi & Christian Rupp


Studio Mustanapa
Valtakatu 26, Rovaniemi, Finland

Tuesday-Thursday at 12-18
Friday at 11-17
Saturday at 12-16

Art Hikes

There are two artworks in the exhibition ”Art Hikes” in the Studio Mustanapa: a series of photos ”Snow Plays” by Antti Stöckell  and ”Alpenglühen” by Maria Huhmarniemi and Christian Ruppin.

Antti Stöckell an artists and art teacher living and working in Rovaniemi. He works a university teacher in the Faculty of Art and Design in the University of Lapland. ”Snow Plays” he made during the years 2009-2011 at his ski tours in suroundings of Rovaniemi.

Alpenglühen is an interactive media installation by Austrian artist Christian Rupp and Finnish artist Maria Huhmarniemi. The artists worked together in Austrian Alps at summer 2010. They met in an artists´ symposium SilvretAtelier and hiked and worked together for two weeks. The installation has been presented before in Feldkirch, Austria. The audience can walk on a stepper in the artwork.

Christian Rupp lives and works in Vienna. He studied Physics at the technical University of Vienna and later switched to the University of applied Arts where he graduated in 2002.  He has a  idea and concept-based approach to art which leads him into diveres media of expression: Photography, Installation, Video, Graphic.  He mainly exhibits in Austria,  Greece and Scandinavia – the complete list of conutries includes:

Maria Huhmarniemi is artists an art teacher in Rovaniemi.  She engages with questions concerning the North, multiculturalism and communality as well as environmental issues such as the relationship between people and nature and environmental responsibility.

More information: Maria Huhmarniemi, maria.huhmarniemi(at), 0407639948