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Susanna Ruotsalainen


Studio Mustanapa
Kairatie 3, Rovaniemi, Finland

Tuesday-Thursday at 12-18
Friday at 11-17
Saturday at 12-16

Natural history museum simulation; in search of an Arctic polecat

Arctic polecat does not exist. It's fictional animal based on European polecat, which is quite common, but no so in arctic areas or in Northern Finland. "Arctic polecat" is fictional, but this Natural history museum simulation presents it as an real animal. 

This video installation comments on stuff that we see in museums and in nature documentaries; we believe that things are facts because they are presented that way we are used to hearing "facts ant things that are true". Everything presented here is false, it's all about the experience. 

Susanna Ruotsalainen is an artist from Rovaniemi, who mainly works with the video, media art and photography.