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Young Arctic Artists


Galleria Napa
Kairatie 3
96100 Rovaniemi

ti-to klo 12-18
pe klo 11-17
la klo 12-16

Näyttelyn kuratoi Ninni Korkalo ja Panu Johansson,


The Young Arctic Artists 2019 is an exhibition curated by visual artist Ninni Korkalo and media artist Panu Johansson and shown in the Gallery Napa hosted by the Artists Association of Lapland. Young Arctic Artists is a series of three exhibitions produces by the Artists Assocition of Lapland in collaboration with Arts Promotion centre Finland - The Rovaniemi Office.. The exhibition and network project brings emerging contemporary artists from northern areas of Finland, Sweden, Norway, Russia and Iceland to meet each others in Rovaniemi. One important goal of the project is to create networks between young artists, curators and art producers living in the northern Arctic regions. The open call for artist is launched in December 2018 in the website of the Artists´Association of Lapland. The exhibition is supported by the Nordic Culture Fund.