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Young Arctic Artists


Gallery Napa
Kairatie 3, Rovaniemi, Finland

Tuesday-Thursday 12-18
Friday 11-17
Saturday 12-16

Transmission of Knowledge - Young Arctic Artists-Exhibition in 
Gallery Napa and Studio Mustanapa 5th of June 2019 - 31st of July 2019.

'Young Arctic Artists 2019’ exhibition brings emerging contemporary art to Gallery Napa and Studio Mustanapa in Rovaniemi. This year 'YAA 2019’ edition presents young artists under 35 -years from northern areas of Finland, Sweden, Norway, Canada and Russia.

Selected artists address the theme Transmission of Knowledge. The exhibition explores the questions of time before and after us. What do we know about it? In what quantity does our family or inheritance store the memory, memories and knowledge?

Exhibition is managed by Artists' Association of Lapland and co-curated by media-artists Ninni Korkalo (Finland) and Panu Johansson (Finland).

"Works in the exhibition address the common theme in many different ways. The selected pieces surprised us with such a variant perspectives that we could not anticipate. Some of the work are based, for example, in digital simulation and some in exaggerated caricatures of contemporary folk culture. Many of the works also have a starting point in the cultural knowledge of northern peoples."

One important goal of the three year exhibition project is to create networks between young artists, curators and art producers living in the northern Arctic regions. YAA 2019 is proud to be included in it´s third and final year as a part of large networking event Arctic Arts Summit held in Rovaniemi 3rd of June - 5th of June.

Artists: Jordan Bennet (Mi’kmaq- Stephenville Crossing Ktaqamkuk, Newfoundland, Canada), Laura Heuberger (Sweden),Oleg Khadartsev & Sergey Kislov (Russia), Sanna Korteniemi (Finland), Marjo Pernu (Finland), Guro Rex (Sweden), Elina Waage Mikalsen (Sápmi, Norway)

Project is funded by the Nordic Culture Fund, The Arts Promotion Centre Finland - The Regional Office of Lapland, and the Artists' Association of Lapland.

Contact information

Artist’ association of Lapland, Kairatie 3, 96100 Rovaniemi

tel.+358 50 406 3632, youngarcticartists(at)gmail.com