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Simi Susanna Ruotsalainen


Korundi House of Culture
Lapinkävijäntie 4


Tue-Wed, Fri-Sun 11-18, Thu 11-20

Food chain

Simi Susanna Ruotsalainen (MA) is media-artist and photographer from Rovaniemi. Their main mediums are animation, video and traditional or experimental photography techniques, that they combine and layer to create the artworks. Lately Ruotsalainen has focused especially to explore the audiovisual possibilities of filmed material, animation and written text combinations.

Simi Susanna Ruotsalainen is born, raised and lives in Finnish Lapland. Northern and local, nature or society based or Arctic areas related themes often occur in their art. 

Other themes of interest are for example local and global environmental issues, gender, equality and feminism. 

"Food chain" exhibition presents two artworks: 

"Trophic cascade" photography installation comments the declining of insectspecies through human actions and climatechange. "Microplasticide" deals with microplastics especially in oceans. Microplastics travel up the food chain all the way to the food we eat.