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Ninni Korkalo - Artist of the April


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Ninni Korkalo (b.1982) is a visual artist working with moving image. She studied Fine Arts at the Imatra Art School (Imatra, Finland), having graduated in 2008. Korkalo graduated as Master of Arts from University Of Lapland from the Applied Visual Arts Master program 2014. Korkalo's works address social themes like hatespeech, hospitality culture and interculturality. Her works have been exhibited and screened in Finland, Europe, Russia, Africa, South-America and Asia. Korkalo is a member of AV-arkki (the Centre for Finnish Media Art), Cross-Art Collective Piste and Artists´Association Muu. The artist lives and works in the South West of Finland, Eurajoki. Korkalo is from South-Karelia and has worked in Rovaniemi 2008 - 2019.

Her current film is a study on self love. The Best Lover-project is a video installation and a short movie. It addresses self love and its social significance. The piece is episodical artist film. It is documentary, fictional, autobiographical, personal, naked and social work about love. Each episode takes the viewer deeper into to the subject.  First of the key issues is what separates narcissism from self love that embraces mercy, self respect, responsibility for one´s own life and being honest with yourself? And secondly, how is this self loving relationship with yourself reflecting to other beings and environment around you?

The Artist of The Month is an Exhibition consept by the Artist´s Association of Lapland in co-op with Rovaniemi Art Museum-Korundi. The Exhibition will open on the FB-sites of Artist´s Association of Lapland and Korundi and in instagram @ninnikorkalo 1th of April - 30th of April.
During the four weeks of April the audience is invited to participate in Korkalo's filmproject, see sketches, earlier works and have an Artist Talk with Korkalo in FB-live Artist´s Association of Lapland and IGTV by ninnikorkalo. Welcome! 

3th April 18.00 Artist talk (finnish time UTC+2) with Ninni
Laura Rekilä, producer from Cross Art Collective Piste interviews Ninni about her art and audience can also ask or talk with Ninni in FB live in

9th April - 30th April Audience is invited to participate in the Best Lover-project. Reply to Ninni´s Interview on What is the Best Lover: Link to the Interview: and @ninnikorkalo

Photographer: Iiro Rautiainen

Contact the artist: ninni.korkalo(at)