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Essi Korva


Artist of the Month

Korundi House of Culture, Rovaniemi

Every day at 11-18

"As a sculptor I am very fast: I work quickly and I’m very focused. Usually I do not make sketches or miniatures before work. When I start to work with a new sculpture everything depends of the material that I’m using. I need to get to know the material for a small while and then I will know what the sculpture is going to be.

I work very intensively and instinctively. The idea I’m trying to capture will develop simultaneously with the sculpture itself. I often burn and paint my wooden sculptures after carving. That way I will get more dimension and expression to my work.

I make very figurative works; usually there is a woman who has been picked up from a thought or a dream, or some glimpse of an emotion. Emptiness is the central feeling in my works. I try to fulfill my inner emptiness with my sculptures.

Emptiness can surprise you anytime and anyplace. It could come when you are in the middle of everything--Or after everything is gone.

Emptiness is something you should feel in order to get fulfillment again. Emptiness is the point when you are under water holding your breath."