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Satu Kalliokuusi


Galleria Kellokas
Tunturintie 54
95970 Äkäslompolo (Kolari)


Paintings by Satu Kalliokuusi at Artists‘ Association of Lapland’s Gallery Kellokas
(Yllästunturi National Park Kellokas Visitor Center), Feb 9 through Mar 27, 2019.
Opening Feb 8, 2019
From 4 pm to 5 pm, main entrance
From 5 pm to 6 pm, back entrance
Free admission. Welcome!
In her art, Satu Kalliokuusi handles changes in nature and what is possibly left behind for future generations. When working on her pieces, she has reflected, among other things, on what kind of impact the mining project that has been planned close to the village of Äkäslompolo, and the planned construction of the railroad all the way to the Arctic Ocean would have on the fragile nature of Lapland.
The exhibition displays pieces of art painted with organic and ecological materials, and a documentary filmed by Satu Kalliokuusi on the art project “Hannukainen’s national park” during the Art Äkäslompolo community and environmental art event in the summer of 2018. Editing and text by media artist Johanna Väisänen. Antropocene is the current geological period characterized by human influence on nature. The marks of this new epoch will remain in the geological layers long after the cities have disappeared. At the same time, the sixth mass extinction has started – a wave of extinction caused by human action. It has led to the extinction and reduction in number of several species in the holocene epoch. The speed of extinction has accelerated considerably in the last centuries, and after the year 1900 it has been hundredfold compared to normal. Visual artist Satu Kalliokuusi is a member of Artists‘ Association of Lapland, Artists‘ Association of Helsinki and Finnish Painters‘ Union. In Lapland, she has previously managed and curated the Art Äkäslompolo event, among other things.

The exhibition is part of the Art Äkäslompolo 2019 program.
Artist contact information:
Tel: 0453264416

Gallery contact information:
Yllästunturi National Park Kellokas Visitor Center
Tunturintie 54, 95970 Äkäslompolo (Kolari)
Open: 28.1.–28.4.2019, Mon to Sun 9–17
Tel: 0206 39 7039