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Maria Siekas


The colours and scenery of Lapland

Maria Siekas is an artist and art teacher living in Ylläsjärvi. She finds her themes/motifs in the shapes and colours of nature. This is seen in her motto: "You don't have to go far to find motifs for paintings and poems".

"Sun on your cheeks
when the track leads you onwards.
Light sweat on your skin.
The creaking sound of skis,
sticks rhytmically side by side.
Alone in thoughts."

Her exhibition The colours and scenery of Lapland in gallery Kellokas showcases a cross-section of her production. The paintings on display are from 2010-2015. Maria hopes that everyone who sees the exhibition leaves in a good mood and with at least on painting in mind. 

Contact information:
Facebook: Ylläs-art Maria Siekas