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Laura Impola


When have you played enough?

There is a thin line between serious and fun. Laura Impola has created a group of bears who are scary and nice at the same time. There is some violence in it too, but you can still look at it as an funny study of scales. 

The bears are saying: 
Oh no (Voi itku)
Stupid (Tyhmä)
Come on (Älä nyt)
It was a joke (Se oli vitsi)
Ouch (Auts)
Do I/you have to (Onko pakko)
Stop it (Lopeta)

Laura Impola (b. 1988) was born in Pori, the bear city of Finland. She lives and works in Tampere. Impola is a part of Tehonrakentajat art group. This ih her third solo exhibition.