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Gallery Napa and Studio Mustanapa

There are annually 12 contemporary art exhibitions in Gallery Napa and in Studio Mustanapa. The exhibitions are Finnish and International solo and group exhibitions. There is also an artwork lending service and the gallery hosts the office of the Artists ́ Association of Lapland.

Gallery Napa

There are big windows in the gallery.

Floor Space: about 90 m2

The ground plan  PDF

Height: 3 m

Rent: 950 euro / 4 weeks

Photos of the Space

Photos of exhibitions in the space


Video also available here:

Studio Mustanapa

Studio Mustanapa is made mainly for video, media-art and installations.

There is a video projector (EPSON EH-TW6600), dvd-player and speakers in the space.

Rent: 470 euro / 4 weeks. If the videprojector is used, the rent is 500 euroa / 4 weeks.

Centre for Artists` Meetings

The office is used as a meeting place for artists in Lapland. The Performing Arts Centre Lapland, Letke, has its office in the gallery.

The Gallery is well located

The gallery is housed next to Korundi House of Culture.