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In Line Exhibition


Viivalla - In Line

Gallery Promenadi in Hyvinkää

Lapland’s Artist association at Promenadigalleria, Hyvinkää 5.5-5.23.2012.

Open: Tuesday-Friday at 10-18, Saturday 10-15, Sunday 13-18


“In Line”, a juried exhibition of Artists from Lapland’s Artist Association will open at Promenadigalleria this May.  The exhibition features 7 artists and 1 artist group based in Rovaniemi, working in a range of media, including drawing, painting, photography, sculpture and installation.  The exhibition title “In Line” opens up in many directions through the works on display.  Line is one of the most basic and primal elements of art, and is usually where we start as children making our first drawings.  It can be used to describe nature and reality, but can also be an integral part of the work itself.  Line also carries metaphorical meaning.  It can have social implications, for example what it means to stand in a line or to be lined up at the start of a competition.  It may also have personal relevance, like facing the limitations of fear and attempting to heal the wounds incurred by hardship. 

Participating artists are Liisa Karintaus, Ninni Korkalo, Leila Lipiäinen, Mari Oikarinen, Terhi Silenius, Joseph James, Tuomas Korkalo and artist group AORTAS.