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Happy Finnish Independency Day


Maamme (Our Land) by Minna Ranio and Mark Roberts will be shown at Espan lava in Esplanadi between 5 and 9 pm. Maamme is a video work in which non-native Finnish citizens sing Maamme, the national anthem of Finland. Maamme (Our Land) highlights Finland’s multiculturality and emphasises how the concepts and definitions of nationality are in a constant state of flux.

Outi Pieski, a member of the association, will take part to the Presidential Independence Day reception.

Photo: Outi Pieski: "Eatnu, eadni, eana - virta, emo, maa" 2012, Saamelaiskäräjien parlamenttisali Saamelaiskulttuurikeskus Sajos, Inari