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Art lending service in Sodankylä for the film festival


Art lending service by the Artists' Association of Lapland is serving the locals and the guests of the film festival in Sodankylä

It is easy to rent art for your home or office. You will find paintings, drawings, prints, and sculptures from our Art Lending Service. All of the artworks presented in our Art Lending Service are created by members of the Artists ́ Association of Lapland, representing professional visual artists. Kati Leskinen, student of the University of Lapland, has curated an exhibition 'Stranger' to one of the wall in the gallery.

The Art Lending Service offers its clients an easy way to acquire high-quality art for rent or purchase by instalments. By paying monthly instalments you can keep the rented work as long as you wish. When the price of the work has been paid in full, the work becomes your property. Should you decide to purchase the artwork during the lending period, the instalments already paid as rent will be deducted from the selling price.

Sompiontie 2, Sodankylä
Open 12-16.6.2013
Wednesday-Saturday 11-18
Sunday 11-15