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The artists residency is located in the former village school in Aska in the Sodankylä region. Aska is 115 kilometres North from Rovaniemi and 15 kilometres South from the centre of Sodankylä. The nearest services are located in Sodankylä. There are shops, pharmacy, medical center, sports hall, etc. in the centre.

Pyhä-Luosto National Park is located about 20 km from the village of Aska.

The nature reserve Viiankiaapa is about 40 km from the village of Aska.

The house was used as a school until the year 1996. After that there has been many uses of the house. Kaija Kiuru and TImo Helle, the hosts of the residency, moved into the house in 2011.


The residence includes two rooms and a toilet + shower, and covers an area of approx. 38 m². The flat has its own entrance. There is no studio for artistic work (such as painting or sculpting) thus the space is best suited for 1-3 persons who do some small-scale work (design, writing, research, photographing, media arts and similar activities). The residency is available for short-term visits, from a few days to one month.

The residence has a separate alcove with 120 cm wide bed. The larger room has a combined kitchen and living room with a large table and chairs, two book shelves and a convertible sofa.

Available for the visitors

- Microwave oven, stove with an oven can be used elsewhere in the house (in the utility room), fridge, kettle, coffee maker and kitchen with basic dishes
- Internet access (Wi-Fi)
- Bed linen
- Washing machine is available by arrangement (located in the utility room)
- Sauna is available by arrangement (it is located at the hosts side of the house)
- A cot and high chair for a baby

The price of the stay for maximum 4 person: one night 40 €, one week 200 € and a month 600€.

Half of the rent must be paid beforehand.

The visitors can use the stove, owen and a washing machine in the utility room.

The Host

The residency is hosted by the artist Kaija Kiuru and researcher-writer Timo Helle. Kaija Kiuru does installations, environmental art, photographing and sculptures. Timo Helle has retired from his job as a Research Specialist in the Natural Resources Institute Finland. A dog (Lapponian Herder) Unna is also living in the house.

How to Arrive

The closest train station and the airport are in Rovaniemi, and the bus station in Sodankylä. There is a bus stop near to the house. 

It takes only a bit over an hour to drive to Sodankylä from the nearest airports (Rovaniemi, Kittilä, Ivalo), and 15 minutes by bus from Sodankylä to Aska.

How to Apply

The Residency is open all year round and you can apply at any time. Contact Kaija Kiuru by email: kkiuru (at)