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Welcome to a small Swedish seaside village!

Villa Levin is a residence owned by Katriina Pietilä-Juntura and Esa Juntura, and it is located in a small village called Båtskärsnäs in Kalix municipality in Northern Sweden. Båtskärsnäs is also known as Paaskeri or Baskeri. It is an idyllic seaside village. Here you can make your evening walk so that you can see the sea almost all the time. There are around 300 permanent residents in the village and around 13 nationalities living in their holiday residences. The distance from Tornio in Finland is 45 km. Villa Levin is built in in 1920 and it has earlier functioned as a trading company and as residence of the family Levin. The villa has two apartments and its total area is approximately 180 m2. The upper floor of the villa can be rented and the ground floor is used as leisure residence of the owner family. The ground floor can be rented with a separate agreement.

The owners of Villa Levin:

MA Katriina Pietilä-Juntura is director at the Aine Art Museum in Tornio. She is interested in visual arts, literature, writing, films, gastronomy and cooking, picking berries and mushrooms, dreaming. Katriina reports events in the small Swedish village in the following way:

“Gossip from the small Swedish village: The sea captain (very rich) has gone to sea and the dogs have become wild because of that, the big dogs are running away and the lady’s small dog is barking in the mornings. One morning, when I was taking care of my lousy tomatoes, the big dogs had sneaked into our greenhouse and were sitting behind me, a black dog and a white dog. Karin has had a stroke and a teacher, who doesn’t want to be a teacher anymore, is now taking care of her. Some men have rented an apartment from the village. They walk out of the house and in again with beer cans in their hands. We have received two postcards during the summer: one from the lavender fields in Provence and the other from Kristinestad. Esa went yesterday to Sangis to buy some eggs and cream. News from Sangis: a lot of customers in the shop and liver paste on offer.”

Esa Juntura is an industrial designer. His hobbies are to collect design chairs, pick berries and mushrooms, observe the nature, wood-chopping and snow plowing and to make some renovation and reparation projects.


Residence apartment: three (3) bedrooms, kitchen, living room, corridor, wc/shower and balcony. Total area approximately 90m².

Furniture and equipment:

Double beds in two bedrooms, a single bedroom, a fridge/freezer, a stove/oven, a coffee maker, an electric kettle, a grill, dishes, a radio, a CD player, (a tv) and a washing machine. The sauna can be used by separate agreement. Bedrooms can be modified into workspaces.

Ground floor: a bedroom, a large kitchen, a living room, wc/sauna and a hall. Total area approximately 90m².

Furniture and equipment:

A fridge/freezer, a stove/oven, a dish machine, a microwave oven, a coffee maker, an espresso maker, a toaster, a wood oven, a fireplace, a radio, a tv and dishes.

Other equipment:

An outdoor storage, a woodshed, a greenhouse, a basement, a patio, an outdoor kitchen, a campfire place, three (3) bicycles, three (3) kicksleds and tools.


Sangis 8 km: a shop Coop Nära, post office, a pharmacy, order service from Systembolaget, Sibylla grill, a kiosk, an army surplus shop, tel. +46 70 687 10 66

Kalix 25 km,

Haparanda-Tornio 46 km, Luleå 100 km, Kallax airport, Kemi-Tornio airport 65 km

Railway stations: Kalix (2017), Haparanda (2017), Tornio, Kemi, Luleå, bus stop in Sangis 6 km

Services in the village:

An antique shop Antik Båtskärsnäs, sells also dry-goods. Address: Torget 95295 Båtskärsnäs. Tel. +46 70 273 44 74

Norrkust Marina Varvs AB shipyard, boat equipment, gas, liquid gas, boat service, guest harbour,, tel. +46 923 67 02 72

Frevisören Camping, a restaurant, a minimarket, a beach, an outdoor swimming pool, a water slide and minigolf. Tel. +46 923 67 03 50,

Polar Explorer, ice-breaker cruises, renting of snowmobiles,

Upplev Baskeri skärgård, a water taxi, boat trips, fishing. Contact: Olof Stålnacke, tel. +46 70 220 58 23 www.upplevbaskeriskargå

illuminated ski tracks and a jogging track, good opportunities for hiking and outdoor activities


Upper floor: 70e/night, 400e/week, 1500e/month, sauna: 8e/visit, between 1.11.-31.3. we charge 0,20 e/kwh from electricity (warming the floor can cost up to 20€ per day when the wheather is cold.)

Ground floor: rent according to the agreement

Contact information:

Villa Levin, Affärsvägen 9, 95295 Båtskärsnäs, Kalix, Sverige

Esa Juntura, tel. +358 400 693 308.

Katriina Pietilä-Juntura, tel. +358 50 401 81 77,

Home: Kivirannantie 6 C8, FI- 95410 Tornio