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Tuomas Korkalo


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wed-sat 17-23
closed sun-tue


Tuomas Korkalo (1978, Rovaniemi) is a Finnish artist, painter and curator currently based in Rovaniemi, Finnish Lapland / Finland. He studied Fine Arts at Imatra Art School (Imatra, Finland) wherefrom he graduated in 2008. Korkalo paints, draws and creates art installations. The abstract and geometric forms that Korkalo employs on canvas are evocative of early 20th century aesthetics as seen in the Bauhaus and Russian avantgarde movement for example. Korkalo masters both, solo and team work, and he also works widely in various international and interdisciplinary projects. He has had solo and group exhibitions in Finland and abroad since 2000. Tuomas Korkalo is a member of Finnish Painters´ Union and Artists´ Association of Lapland.