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Karoliina Korvuo


Studio Mustanapa
Kairatie 3, Rovaniemi, Finland

Tuesday-Thursday 12-18
Friday 11-17
Saturday 12-16
Welcome to the exhibition opening on Friday 14.2.2020 at 6pm-8pm!

Taking over the "Self"

The works on this exhibition are based on my couple of years long practicing of authentic techniques. By authentic techniques I mean practices familiar from performance art and dance that are used as a way of exploring subconsciousness and using it as a material for art.

Soon after I started practicing authentic drawing I ended up in an exhibition of drawing machines by  Australian artist Cameron Robbins. These machines were built to be used by natural forces such as wind, flowing water or magnetic fields of the earth. After seeing that exhibition I’ve grown an affection towards the idea of myself as a psychophysical drawing machine leaving it’s mark on a piece of paper, play dough or exhibition calendar of a gallery.

Which forces have been moving me while creating the works for this show? That’s a great question. The movements of our planets and the changing time of day. The force that’s behind the Earth being habitable. The force that has kept me alive until this day. Evolution which has defined the possibilities of this body. The force hiding in the stories that I’ve heard about my family, my home town, my country, my continent and people related to it, about all the people. The force lying in the ideas about my or our future as well as in the ideas about “me” and “self”. The pain connected to working on a computer from day to day as well as the joy of that work still being part of reaching a goal set by myself.

Taking Over the “Self” is the sixth private exhibition of mine. It includes drawings, molding, digigraphs and video documenting the things I’ve ended up doing while living in Pori in the autumn 2019. The support of the Satakunta Foundation of the Finnish cultural Foundation is definitely one of the forces making this exhibition possible. instagram @karoliinakorvuo

Contact: karoliina.korvuo(at)