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Sofi Häkkinen


Studio Mustanapa
Kairatie 3, Rovaniemi, Finland

Tuesday-Thursday 12-18
Friday 11-17
Saturday 12-16


The sculpture installation called The Fountain of Youth that Sofi Häkkinen shows in her solo exhibition in Studio Mustanapa entails two humane figures who are gathered by a small pond. In the middle of this pond made out of blue tarpaulin is a small fountain-like sculpture that rotates perpetually. The sculptures that look like humans are built out of trash and found objects, carefully stitched together with duct tape and glue.

”In this installation there are two pals - or figures –, a pond, a mysterious atmosphere, and a fountain-like thing that keeps moving one of its’ parts round and round again in vain – grinding away even though it doesn’t really work; nothing happens. Time is still. I imagine that those two figures would give each other secret glances and start sweating a little the second you look away. Like they were some kind of jewel thieves planning a heist. They aren’t quite sure what to do next, now that they have that mysterious object within their reach. Although they seem quite chill about it. Is that even the fountain of youth? Here is rotates and moves on and on and on to no avail. Those humane figures are interested in it and that too is all in vein. A few other very pointless things in the world crystallize in the small object in the middle of the tarpaulin pond.”

Häkkinen graduated as a visual artist from Tampere University of Applied Sciences and as a Master of Arts from Aalto University. She has also studied art in the University of Lapland and in the Universität der Kunste in Berlin. Häkkinen has exhibited her work in solo exhibitions for example in Helsinki in Galleria Lapinlahti, in Pori in P-galleria, and in Tampere in Galleria Rajatila. She has also shown in many group exhibitions, recently in Helsinki with Artist Collective Kunst in their work Art by Meter at Art Fair Suomi, in Berlin in Galerie Pleiku and in Oulu at OMVF and an adjoint exhibition Hot Mess.