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Sampsa Indren, Teemu Korpela, Matti Vainio & Kari Vehosalo


Studio Mustanapa
Kairatie 3, Rovaniemi, Finland

Tuesday-Thursday 12-18
Friday 11-17
Saturday 12-16


Due to the abstract and complicated nature of reality, there is always an element of
uncertainty attached to the glow of human existence. State, death, body and love have
tangible effects to our lives, but their meaning calls to be interpreted, so we could
become conscious about the nature of the dependency that we have towards each other.

Art can have a role in the process of understanding the real, if we approach it with the
intention of knowing, by using arts capacity to create information trough multi level

Art can be a particle which creates new connections of understanding
between the things and phenomenons that are under scrutiny in the works represented.

The theme of the exhibition, Glow, rises from this heuristic function of art. The works of
the exhibition make an inquiry to the role of human being as individual, as a part of the
community and as a part of all the different forms of power structures. The imagery of the
exhibition invites the viewer to contemplate the questions of human existence and the
power inflicted by the gaze. The works thrive to approach the multitude of forms of being
with various metaphoric representations, with the intention of opening different
possibilities to understand the complex nature of identity and the ethical problems of
human existence.